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The Critical Reload App is the first of it's kind − an

all-in-one sports nutrition system for coaches and teams


Get personalized, sports-specific nutrition

from Critical Reload












Specialized nutrition

for peak performance

Optimized to Your Team


Critical Reload App is scientifically-based, field-tested system builds a nutrition plan that is optimized to your team's unique sport and season cycle. Each season nutrition cycle meets each athletes needs, carefully progressing them to peak performance and recovery.

Customized to Your Team's Needs


While Critical Reload App gives your team a structured nutrition plan optimized for sport and season cycle, you can modify any nutrition plan to fit the needs of your athletes and special nutrition requirements.

Personalized to Each Athlete


Critical Reload App tells each athlete EXACTLY what to do, down to how many glasses of water per day to carbohydrate, protein and fat ratios. Then update the App and adapt nutritional needs as athletes build muscle and change body composition, or during periods of injury and evolve as they return to play.



including position, season, and gender-specific options

All Around Athlete Cheer & Dance Diving Ice Hockey Soccer Track & Field
Alpine Skiing Combat Sports Field Hockey Lacrosse Softball Volleyball
Baseball Crew Football P.E. Class Swimming Wrestling
Basketball Cross Country Golf Rugby Tennis And More


Fueled BY


The Critical Reload App is teamed with Critical Reload Performance & Recovery Shake to deliver nutrition resources for strength & conditioning programs and nutrition education to coaches and athletes.


Created by a collegiate strength coach and specialist in sports nutrition, Critical Reload is the best-tasting and safest recovery shake option for coaches and athletes.


Critical Reload Booster is the new, easy way to fund your strength and conditioning program. On average, Critical Reload Booster schools generate $10,000 annually to their strength & conditioning budget.


Now coaches can raise money, nourish bodies, and improve performance safely with Critical Reload Booster.

"Unlike fad dieters who shun calories in an attempt to look a certain way, athletes must treat calories and nutrients as an ally for athletic performance."


Mike Bewley, Founder of Critical Reload

Director of Basketball Strength & Conditioning

Clemson University

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GET YOUR ATHLETES Eating right for THEIR sport

Periodization is the industry-standard practice with preparing athletes for sport performance, ensuring athletes are ready for the different demands of a sport's year-round season cycles.


Your Critical Reload App isn't simply a series of standalone “diet plans.” Instead, the App creates a periodized sports nutrition plan that's targeted, regardless of sport, so your athletes can increase strength, improve health, and boost recovery.


Now coaches can implement elite-level, sport-specific nutrition with the Critical Reload App's intuitive, online platform.

"A football player isn’t going to eat the same way as a cross country runner. Each athlete has a uniquely different set of nutrition needs respective to their sport and season."

Mike Bewley, Founder of Critical Reload

Director of Basketball Strength & Conditioning

Clemson University

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Nutrition coaching points for every situation

Critical Reload App's mobile capabilities delivers your team’s sports nutrition plan directly to a tablet or smartphone with detailed coaching points for every situation.


Ancillary downloads and mobile app partnerships make Ignite the most effective, connected, sports nutrition program available.


From pre-game meal suggestions, digital food logs, real-time healthy restaurant suggestions to analyzing sleep quality, Ignite gives you and your team detailed coaching points for every nutrition situation.

"Many athletes fail to recognize that they can't out-train a bad diet

and they can't under-sleep good nutrition"

Mike Bewley, Founder of Critical Reload

Director of Basketball Strength & Conditioning

Clemson University

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Track progress & Keep accountable

Track nutrition comprehension with FORMATIVE and SUMMATIVE section quiz metrics that align with the National Education Association’s Framework to support effective teaching and Improve student learning.


Acknowledge standout achievements and discover which athletes are truly putting in the work.


All quiz results are visible to your athletes, adding a new level of internal accountability and infusing a little friendly competition into their nutrition comprehension.

"No athlete − or person for that matter  − wakes up in the morning and exclaims, "I plan on eating like garbage today!" They simply don't know the proper ways to fuel their body for optimal health and peak performance."

Mike Bewley, Founder of Critical Reload

Director of Basketball Strength & Conditioning

Clemson University

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In School

States and local school districts across the country use National Standards to develop or revise existing standards, frameworks and curricula.


Critical Reload App's action-focused resources meet the National Standards for High School Physical Education so educators become a leader in their classroom, institution and community.


Available lesson plans, with a skills-based approach to health education refine and advance practices, develop student proficiency beyond the classroom and provide a basis for healthy living.

"Carbohydrates have a terrible reputation these days due to low-carb and no-carb diets. Ironically, carbohydrates serve as the primary fuel for all sorts of athletic events. Yet without carbohydrates – or enough of them – the body ends up tearing down and burning up its existing lean muscle. This negatively impacts performance, strength and body composition while increasing likeness for injury."

Mike Bewley, Founder of Critical Reload

Director of Basketball Strength & Conditioning

Clemson University

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Critical Reload App celebrates parenthood by helping parents positively support their child’s health and sport ambitions.


While Critical Reload App can teach and empower young athletes about the value of health and nutrition, parents are the one's buying groceries and preparing meals.


That's why we offer a offer a FREE Critical Reload Healthy Living Cookbook to parents with a child whose school subscribes annually to Ignite for Teams. This is guidance every family can use, while ensuring your athletes receive the support at home with health and nutrition.


"Realize, when you strength train, condition, or practice you actually get WEAKER, NOT STRONGER! When you train you are depleting energy systems and breaking down muscle tissue. Not until AFTER you train and begin refueling the body with proper nutrients can training adaptation be optimized and recovery facilitated."

Mike Bewley, Founder of Critical Reload

Director of Basketball Strength & Conditioning

Clemson University

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Critical Reload App
Works In All Situations

Sports Teams


“While at GACS, Critical Reload App gave us direction of the athlete and enhanced our ability to inform them how to jointly meet their performance and nutrition goals”


Gary Schofield

Emeritus Founder, National High School Strength Coach Association, 2012 Strength and Conditioning Association Coach of the Year.

Athletic Department


"Critical Reload App has enhanced our nutrition education

in the classroom better than anything we’ve tried prior."


Fred Eaves, Athletic Director, Battleground Academy, 2015 National Strength and Conditioning Association Coach of the Year.

P. E. Classes


"As a coach and teacher, we strive for our students to be champions on the field, as well as in the classroom with sports nutrition. Critical Reload App is a winning combination because it is targeted at high school students who are engaged in athletics, competitive or for self-empowerment."


Ryan Johnson, P.E. Teacher, Strength & Conditioning Coordinator, Wayzata High School, 2017 High School Strength and Conditioning Coach by the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

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