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Our Mission:

To provide all athletes and teams with safe and affordable

sports nutrition solutions.


Mike Bewley is an industry expert with over a 30-years combined experience as a certified specialist in sports nutrition and strength & conditioning coach.

Critical Reload was founded, by Clemson University Strength & Conditioning Coach and Specialist in Sports Nutrition, Mike Bewley.  In 2002, Bewley earned his certification as a certified specialist in sports nutrition through the International Sports Science Association. Since that time, Coach Bewley has culminated an extensive level of experience assisting athletes with their performance nutrition needs while founding Critical Reload in 2004. His proficiencies as a specialist in sports nutrition include:


  • Recognize nutritional factors affecting health and performance that will enable appropriate nutritional counseling with Director of Sports Nutrition for Olympic Sports.
  • Disseminate factual knowledge of performance enhancing substances and provide persuasive evidence to student-athletes as the effects, risks, and appropriate alternatives.
  • Measure and monitor athlete and team body composition.
  • Analyze nutritional habits of athletes to determine the steps necessary to modify and provide a balanced diet.
  • Coordinate meal planning for at home and in-season travel.
  • Serve as liaison between athletics department and food services to oversee all facets of training table nutrition and scheduling.
  • Founded Critical Reload App (formally called NutraCarina), an intuitive on-line platform that seamlessly combines the nation’s top specialists in sports nutrition and sport dietitians with cutting edge technology.
  • Utilize smart phone technology to monitor nutritional habits of athletes for dietary exploration, education, and application.
  • Use product hardware and software to formulate daily caloric expenditure to estimate training table/travel menus, appropriate individual hydration requirements and enhance exercise recovery.
  • All the above nutritional practices virtually eliminate in-season weight-loss while helping enhance performance development year-round.


Furthermore, Bewley has been a Division-I collegiate strength and conditioning coach since 1998, making stops at University of Nevada (1998-2002), Georgia Southern University (2002-2006), University of Dayton (2006-2012), Georgia Tech (2012-2016) and Clemson University (2016 to present).




Critical Reload in NOT a dietary supplement and is better identified as conventional food by definition of the FDA.

As defined by the FDA, a dietary supplement contains one or more dietary ingredients that may include: vitamins, minerals, herbs or other botanicals, and amino acids, other substances found in the human diet, such as enzymes. Critical Reload contains none of the dietary ingredients.


Furthermore, conventional foods must have a Nutrition Facts panel while dietary supplements must have a Supplement Facts panel. Label verification delineates Critical Reload’s nutrition panel as Nutrition Facts and NOT Supplement Facts.



Athletes must be extremely careful about what they put into their bodies. Critical Reload has adopted the Informed-Choice testing and certification program to provide the highest level of assurance possible that our products are free of banned and/or illegal substances.


My responsibility and reputation as a coach and nutritionist alone ensures me the peace of mind with our company’s vigilant product testing and certification. It is our hope we can serve athletes, coaches and teams performance aspirations while never compromising health and safety.


In an effort to foster a healthy and productive experience for college athletes, Critical Reload is collegiate compliant in accordance with the NCAA

Critical Reload is suitable for collegiate athletics and is permissible under NCAA* Bylaws because it's not a dietary supplement and does NOT contain banned or harmful substances. To learn more about NCAA Bylaw for nutritional supplements visit:


*NCAA is a registered trademark of the National College Athlete Association. This product is not endorsed by the NCAA.

The statements on this website and all affiliates have not been evaluated by the FDA. Products mentioned on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and do not replace medical advice. Critical Reload and its affiliates urge you to consult with a qualified health care provider to discuss both the advantages and risks of using its products and for answers to your personal questions.