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Getting Started: How To Use The Performance Guidebook And Calculator Copy

Michael Bewley September 20, 2020


This guidebook is for serious, competitive athletes interested in speed, strength, power, and ways to enhance its development through sports nutrition.


The Critical Reload Performance Nutrition Guidebook and Performance Nutrition Calculator is built by a certified specialist in sports nutrition and professional strength and conditioning coach, in collaboration with registered dietitians across the country.

Critical Reload’s sports-nutrition upholds the proven, human nutrition and food science embraced by the International Sports Science Association. Furthermore, Critical Reload’s Nutrition Advisory Board ensures that our system utilizes the safest and most effective sport nutrition practices.

Remember, when reading this guidebook, there is no such thing as a magic powder, pill, or serum. The use of sports supplements is, as their name implies, “supplementing” the diet. Supplements are useless unless you are first eating the right foods, at the proper times, in specific amounts, on a routine basis. Dietary supplements are no replacement for good, daily nutritional habits! Only after perfecting your dietary habits and sleep will you truly reach your performance potential!

Key Guidebook Terms Prior To Getting Started

  1. Body Weight refers to the total weight of the body, including bones, muscle, fat, water, etc.
  2. Lean Body Mass is the total body weight minus the fat mass. Lean body mass consists of water, bones, collagen, and muscle.
  3. Body Fat Mass means the actual fat mass (in pounds or kilos) in the body.
  4. Body Fat Percentage is the percentage of total body weight that is fat.

NCAA Safety And Compliance

Similarly, many nutritional supplements contain ingredients that are categorized by the NCAA as “illegal.” Make sure you thoroughly review the NCAA rules on supplementation, and NCAA banned drugs and supplements. Equally, take the time to know what ingredients are in the supplement(s) you use to fortify your daily diet. Understand, if you are tested positive by the NCAA for banned or illegal substances, you will automatically be suspended from play for 365 days, resulting in a loss of a year’s worth of eligibility. Saying, “I didn’t know!” is no grounds for leniency.

Steroid Abuse

The one crucial issue not explicitly addressed in the guidebook is drug abuse. Unfortunately, to become bigger and stronger, athletes can get caught up in the use of drugs, particularly steroids. This practice is harmful to your health, unethical (in sport), and illegal. The NCAA bans the use of drugs, steroids included, and the law in many countries, including the United States and Canada, forbids the distribution of steroids for non-medical purposes. This guidebook is written to show you how to train without drugs. In tandem, it is essential to realize that a vast majority of elite and professional athletes have never used drugs.

Stick To The GamePlan

Understand if you start developing good nutritional habits, it will go a long way in your athletic career. Lots of athletes making the transition from high school to college struggle due to the increased level of daily training. Poor nutritional habits, compounded with increased daily stresses, can result in reduced performance and a heightened risk for injury. Therefore, you must be as healthy and conditioned as possible with your nutrition and sleep.

Realize, when you strength train, condition, or practice, YOU GET WEAKER, NOT STRONGER! When you train, you are depleting energy systems and breaking down muscle tissue through repetitive muscle contraction. Not until AFTER you train and begin refueling the body with the proper nutrients that optimal performance and recovery get facilitated. Proper nutrition enables training adaptation, which allows for the most significant degree of speed, strength, and power development, resulting in a more substantial training effect and enhanced performance.

Disregard the half-truths you hear in health clubs and bodybuilding magazines and stick to the suggestions in this guidebook. If you have particular questions concerning exercise, conditioning, diet, or dietary supplements, direct them to a licensed sports dietician. Good luck!

The magnifying glass means there is additional information the reader can review.

The whistle corresponds to the Performance Nutrition Calculator & offers instructions on how to apply/calculate information.

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