Critical Reload’s exclusive Booster Program gives strength coaches the opportunity to earn thousands of dollars a year revenue for their strength budget.

How Does It Work?

The school buys Critical Reload at bulk wholesale along with a Dispenser. Then the school re-sells Critical Reload to parents or guardians to ensure their child receives a shake from the Dispenser after each training session. Profits from the sales get deposited into an authorized athletic account, allowing strength coaches to fundraise thousands of dollars a year for their strength budget.

Mostly, it’s like setting up a concession stand in your weight room – no different than a school does at a home sporting event. The difference: instead of selling candy bars, hot dogs, and fountain sodas, you’re selling a delicious, protein-packed snack to fuel your athlete’s performance.

Easy to use

Prepare desired amount of Critical Reload with water in a barrel cooler using our exclusive mixing tool. Pour in the dispenser, turn it on, and the system will deliver a continuously blended, ice-cold, performance and recovery shake


Machine set-up, mixing, and cleaning takes approximately 10-15 minutes. Once Critical Reload is gone, simply lift the bowl out of condensing trays, wash out with warm soapy water, and slide bowl back on. That's it!

Better control

Critical Reload Dispenser gives a coach the control to vary calorie ranges for the athlete by simply varying cup size. Such ability provides the coach with better efficiency & less waste.

wholesale savings

With wholesale savings, at a little more than a dollar per serving, it's no wonder coaches are turning to Critical Reload for their athlete's nutritional needs. The best part: you avoid dietary supplement health and safety concerns with Critical Reload.

Critical Reload Booster is the opposite of the mainstream approach to fundraising.


Our most frequently asked questions about Critical Reload Dispenser

No the product comes in 3.4-lb bags. You mix the product up in a cooler at a 1:1 ratio (1 bag: 1 gallon of water) and pour into the dispenser. Included in your purchase of the dispenser is a complete cleaning kit and blending tool you attach to a cordless drill (cordless drill NOT included).

144 servings, 8-ounce serving (258-cal, 2g-fat, 40g-carbs, 4g-sugar, 20g-protein) 

Because Critical Reload contains no preservatives, it will last 48-hours once mixed and chilled in the dispenser.

It only takes 10-12 minutes to clean and refill the Dispenser.

How to Disassemble & Clean Dispenser

How to Reassemble Dispenser After Cleaning

Critical Reload Booster has had a tremendous benefit to our kids and our department. Using the program, we were able to purchase Olympic bars, power bars, kettlebells, dumbbells, bumper plates, power racks, and many other pieces of equipment we would have never been able to purchase. It’s also been a great nutritional tool for our students during the school day, after their strength training classes.

Tobias Jacobi

Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Strong Rock Christian School | 2017 NHSSCA Strength Coach of the Year

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Build More Muscle.

1 -lbs
Critical Reload Users

The pounds of lean body mass gained annually by athletes who take Critical Reload.*

1 -lbs
Other Product Users

The pounds of lean body mass gained annually by athlete who take another product.*

1 -lbs
Those taking nothing

The pounds of lean body mass gained annually by athletes that take nothing.*

*based on testimonial video below from Gary Schofield. Individual results may vary.

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Critical Reload is NOT a product — it’s a nutrition system, which includes the shake, dispenser, and the nutrition education app. Having the Critical Reload shake and dispenser in your weight room lets you meet the time period immediately following a workout, which is ideal for recovery and regeneration. I saw more strength and performance gains in my last 7-years at Greater Atlanta Christian School, utilizing the Critical Reload system than I did in my previous 10. 

Gary Schofield

Emeritus Founder of the National High School Strength Coaches Association (NHSSCA) | Former Head Strength Coach at Greater Atlanta Christian School

Critical Reload has adopted the Informed-Choice testing and certification program to provide the highest level of assurance possible that our products are free of banned and/or illegal substances.

Critical Reload is suitable for collegiate athletics and is permissible under NCAA* Bylaws because it’s not a dietary supplement and does NOT contain banned or harmful substances. 

*NCAA is a registered trademark of the National College Athlete Association. This product is not endorsed by the NCAA.

Customers love
Critical Reload

"Critical Reload is easy to mix and we have found it takes less time to fill the Dispenser than stock a refrigerator with chocolate milk each day. The Dispenser is simple to take apart and clean and our athletes love the taste of Critical Reload. The system ensures our athletes refuel properly while bridging the gap between the end of practice and dinner time with their families. I would recommend this investment to any athletic program."
Coach Amber Burson
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Lexington High School, NE
Mixing up the Critical Reload was easy and getting the product ice cold was a snap with the dispenser. When it came to clean up, the simple assembly of the dispenser made it easy clean. There are 4 pieces that need cleaning and it takes about 10 minutes. Stocking of Critical Reload is never a problem either — no refrigerator or worrying about expiration dates. Critical Reload's customer service is second to none because the owner is a strength coach. We always have the product, when we need it. Critical Reload is a difference maker because Coach Bewley and his staff go above and beyond to make sure it works for the strength coach."
Coach Rob Brokaw
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, North Bend Central High School, NE
"I was worried about mixing, cleaning and dispensing the shakes, but all of this is seamless with the Critical Reload Dispenser. It is a simple, weekly process. I mix and dispense right out of my office and quickly rinse and clean in a washtub right down the hall from our facility. It is a small step process that has added huge gains in our program.”
Coach Ryan Johnson
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Wayzata High School, MN
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