Critical Reload Performance & Recovery Shake

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Critical Reload’s specific carbohydrate & protein blend enhances muscle recovery and restores energy better than consuming each nutrient individually.



A More Complete Recovery Solution

Critical Reload is a great-tasting, recovery shake. For athletes, Critical Reload is a complete recovery solution because of its 2:1 pairing of carbohydrates and proteins. The pairing of these nutrients enhance muscle recovery and restores energy better than consuming each nutrient individually. As a result, Critical Reload helps you recover faster and kick-start your next workout into high gear!

Benefits & Features

  • Mixes easily in a shaker bottle or blender.
  • 24-servings per 3.4-pound bag.
  • Delivers 20-grams of low-fat whey protein blend for superior muscle growth, strength, and recovery.*
  • Delivers 40-grams of simple & complex carbohydrate blend for rapid energy replenishment & muscle recovery.*
  • Ingredients are tested & certified to be free of banned & illegal substances.
  • Gluten-Free
  • Low-Lactose

Gain Peace of Mind

Athletes must be extremely careful about what they put into their bodies. Critical Reload’s vigilant product testing and certification will never compromise athlete health and safety.

Critical Reload has adopted the Informed-Choice testing and certification program to provide the highest level of assurance possible that our products are free of banned and/or illegal substances.


Critical Reload is suitable for collegiate athletics and is permissible under NCAA* Bylaws because it’s not a dietary supplement and does NOT contain banned or harmful substances.

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