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Nutrition Tracker App: For Educators

Michael Bewley September 19, 2020


While the name is less than desirable, the app is an excellent way to manage your performance nutrition plan. However, you will need to modify the generic Lose It profile so it matches your Critical Reload Nutrition Calculator compute.

Get the Lose It App

While the name is less than desirable, the app Lose It! is an excellent way to manage your performance nutrition plan. However, you will need to modify the generic Lose It profile, so it matches your Nutrition Calculator compute. Download and install the Lose It! smartphone app from either the  App Store or  Goggle Play.

NOTE: the screen shots below are from iPhone App. Images may very slightly from Android App.

Modify Lose It Profile

  • Once downloaded, the app will prompt you to fill out your profile. Follow the on-screen instructions and complete your Lose It! profile. Your caloric allotment may be different than what was determined in your Nutrition Calculator. Not to worry, this manual will guide you through how to appropriately set up your Lose It! app.
  • Once your profile is complete, you will see the Lose It! MY DAY home screen. Tap the GOALS button in the bottom menu. 

  • Tap the WEIGHT button.

  • Tap the EDIT button in the top right corner.

Adjust Calorie Budget

  • Next, tap the DAILY CALORIE BUDGET button.

  • Now tap the ADJUSTMENT button.

  • Next, tap either the ADD or SUBTRACT button and SCROLL to the appropriate calorie allotment (+/-), so it corresponds to your assigned Nutrition Calculator needs.

  • Congratulations! Now Lose It! is adjusted to your performance nutrition needs.

How to View Nutrient Ratio Profile

  • From the MY DAY home screen, tap the NUTRIENTS button.

  • This screen is where to monitor your NUTRIENT RATIOS (carbohydrates, protein, fat) by your total caloric intake, sport, and season.

Remember, if the Calculator determined you eat 3000 calories a day, and 40% of those calories are saturated fat, you are not fueling your body with nutrients for peak performance.

If what I just explained concerning Nutrient Ratios doesn’t make any sense, then go back and re-read the Nutrient Ratios portion of the Guidebook. Again, the Guidebook is your playbook to optimizing your health, performance, and recovery.

How to View Nutrient Ratio Per Meal

  • From the MY DAY home screen, tap the LOG button.

  • Tap the meal title. In this example it’s BREAKFAST.

This Breakfast nutrients screen is a great way to monitor nutrient ratios for a particular meal. This is helpful when determining which meals in your MY DAY profile you hit the mark and where other meals might need refining.

Now you know all the steps, set up your Lose It! profile so it matches your Performance Nutrition Calculator to complete this sections assignment.


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