Love It At Home



dear customers
We wish you all continued health and safety through these unprecedented times.

During this impacted state of athletics, my athletes were requesting that I send Critical Reload directly to their homes to help them stay on top of their nutrition, which got us thinking: how can we support ALL coaches, athletes, and teams while still growing the school’s strength budget during these challenging times. We found that solution.


Click the Get Coupon Code below, complete the form, and we will email you an exclusive coupon code to forward to your athletes. When they enter the coupon at checkout, they will receive $20 OFF our Critical Reload Quarantine Pack.

  • Two (2), 3.4 Bags of Critical Reload (48-servings).
  • 1 Critical Reload (CR) Canister w/mixing instructions.
  • 1 CR Scooper for variable calorie needs.
  • 1 CR Shaker Cup.

Understand, the coupon code gets assigned to your school. That exclusivity allows us to:

  • Track which athlete’s purchased and from which school.
  • In return, we will forward you an itemized list of those buyers in association with a 5% sales commission check for the tallied amount of Critical Reload Quarantine Pack purchased.
  • The check can then be deposited directly into your school’s strength budget account.

If you use S&C Programming Software (Ex, TrainHeroic, TeamBuildr), this is an excellent way to send EVERY one of your athletes at once an introductory message with:

  • your school’s exclusive coupon code. 
  • a link to the Critical Reload Quarantine Pack
  • copy and paste link here: httpss://

Otherwise, you can email or text each athlete with coupon code and link announcing the Critical Reload #LoveItAtSchoolLoveItAtHome program. 

COVID-19 has impacted the state of athletics, unlike anything we’ve ever seen. As a small business, our mission has always been to provide all coaches, athletes, and teams with safe and affordable sports nutrition solutions first. While our mission hasn’t changed, our circumstances have. With high school, collegiate, and professional athletics effectively coming to a halt, we have developed a creative solution to help you come out of this stronger than ever.

Help YOUR athletes stay
on top of their nutrition

Athletes save. Your budget grows.


Click the ‘Get Coupon Code’ and we will send you an exclusive coupon code to forward your athletes, so they receive a $20 OFF our Critical Reload Quarantine Pack, and your strength budget can earn a 5% sales commission.