School Fundraising Ideas: Critical Reload Booster

Empower Athletes. Expand Budgets.

Looking for great school fundraising ideas? Try Critical Reload Booster, the perfect blend of nutrition and revenue. Explore how your school’s athletic department can grow both physically and financially.

Why Choose Critical Reload for School Fundraising?

Dual Advantage

Introduce a novel school fundraiser: Provide top-tier nutrition to athletes and bolster the athletics department's financial muscle.

Self-Funding Ecosystem

Transform each fundraiser sale into an investment for your school's athletic future.

Transparent Costs

Experience a transparent financial journey: zero hidden charges and a predictable fundraiser earnings path.

Tailored Pricing

Exercise freedom in pricing, ensuring optimal nutrition and monetary growth.

school fundraising ideas
school fundraising ideas

Balancing Nutrition
and Finance

Critical Reload easily combines students’ nutritional needs into school fundraising ideas and objectives. It’s a win-win, merging health benefits with financial growth

Flexible Serving Options FOR Your FUNDRAISER Needs

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Serving Frequency Weekly Cost to Student 9-Week Earnings per Student Earnings for 50 Students in 9 Weeks Annual Earnings (Excl. Summer) Including 12-week Summer Training
5 Days/Week $12.50 $45.45 $2,272.50 $9,090 +$3,030
4 Days/Week $10.00 $36.36 $1,818.00 $7,272 +$2,400
3 Days/Week $7.50 $27.27 $1,363.50 $5,454 +$1,818
2 Days/Week $5.00 $18.18 $909.00 $3,636 +$1,212

Real Stories, Real Success

We introduced CR Booster fundraising idea by charging student accounts a little more than $110 for a half-semester (8 weeks). We sell shakes for $2.50 for 5 days, costing a family just over $12 per week. By doing this we make thousands of dollars that go directly into an ‘Activity Account’ to purchase equipment. We purchased Critical Reload and Dispenser and made a profit in the first 8 weeks!
Garrett Keith
Head Strength Coach, Westminster Christian High School, AL | 2109 NHSSCA Strength Coach of the Year
Critical Reload Booster has had a tremendous benefit to our kids and our department. Using the fundraiser program, we were able to purchase Olympic bars, power bars, kettlebells, dumbbells, bumper plates, power racks, and many other pieces of equipment we would have never been able to purchase. It's also been a great nutritional tool for our students during the school day, after their strength training classes.
Tobias Jacobi​
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Strong Rock Christian School | 2017 NHSSCA Strength Coach of the Year
Having the Critical Reload shake and dispenser in your weight room lets you meet the time period immediately following a workout, which is ideal for recovery and regeneration. I saw more strength and performance gains in my last 7-years at Greater Atlanta Christian School, utilizing the Critical Reload system than I did in my previous 10. 
Gary Schofield
Emeritus Founder of the National High School Strength Coaches Association (NHSSCA) | Former Head Strength Coach at Greater Atlanta Christian School | Athletic Director, Strong Rock Christian School​

The Impact on Athlete's Health

Critical Reload Users
1 -lbs

The pounds of lean body mass gained annually by athletes who take Critical Reload.*

Other Product Users
1 -lbs

The pounds of lean body mass gained annually by athletes who take another product.*

Those taking nothing
1 -lbs

The pounds of lean body mass gained annually by athletes that take nothing.*

*based on testimonial video below from Gary Schofield. Individual results may vary.

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school fundraising ideas

Dive in and redefine
school fundraising

With Critical Reload Booster, your school fundraising ideas do more than introduce a product. They start a movement. One that supports athletes' health and boosts your schools' finances


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