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Assignment: Create A Meal Schedule Copy

Michael Bewley September 20, 2020


We all have different schedules, which affect when we need energy. Create a Meal Schedule comprised of meal and snack times, so you are fueled adequately for practices, lifts, film, class, and games.

Here’s The Plan

When you get up every morning, you should not have a rough idea of when you will eat that day. You should have a rough idea of when you will eat over the next few days.

Take a few moments to think about what you have going on for the week. We are big fans of putting this practice into place over the weekend — using an hour or so on Sunday. Taking a quick inventory of your weekly schedule will give you a rough idea of how to time meals and snacks, so you’re giving your body the nutrients it needs for peak performance and recovery.

Assignment Download

Your assignment is to download the Weekly Meal Schedule Worksheet and enter your weekly meal schedule. Once determined, enter and label each respective meal times into your smart phone’s alarm app. Alarms will serve as reminders and cue you of when to eat as you begin forming an energy balance routine. Once you complete the worksheet, save and upload.


Weekly Meal Schedule Worksheet 71.63 KB 59 downloads


Critical Reload Performance Nutrition Calculator

After you complete Meal Schedule form, click or tap the CALCULATOR tab, and enter the average number of meals you eat per day into the Meal Planning tab. The Critical Reload Nutrition Calculator will figure the average number of calories you need per meal and snack.

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