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DWMA’s Validation

Michael Bewley March 17, 2019

In 2012, my wife (fiancé at the time) and I left Dayton for Georgia Tech with Coach Brian Gregory to lead the Yellow Jackets. Coaching in the ACC offered greater national exposure, which in turn boosted awareness of DWMA. Shortly after that, colleagues began asking if DWMA was available for purchase. Humbled at first, I soon realized that movement screens were something coaches wanted to do but struggled to sustain due to time constraints, same as me. They recognized that DWMA was a new strategy, where you waste minimal time and get a maximum transfer to an athlete’s performance without sacrificing the athlete’s training time. DWMA has since evolved from a single user system to an instructional DVD and finally an on-demand, e-learning system that’s CEU accredited by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).

Trusted by the nation’s top strength coaches, today over 100 strength coaches and twenty-five thousand athletes use DWMA. In a recent customer survey, we witnessed that:

  • 89% increased screening frequency of their athletes.
  • 79% reduced soft-tissue stress (i.e., muscle strains u0026amp; pulls).
  • 67% resolved a movement dysfunction with DWMA’s corrective exercise strategy.

Additionally, I have had the privilege of presenting DWMA at multiple NSCA State, Regional clinics; and the NSCA Coaches Conferences, as well as the NSCA National Conference. What’s most revealing is the live audience polling when presenting DWMA:

  • 83% of coaches say the most significant challenge they have performing a movement screen is TIME.
  • Similarly, 64% of coaches who don’t perform a movement screen, attribute TIME as the barrier.
  • 63% screen their athletes/clients once a semester or once every 3-months; 25% once a year; and only 13% once every 4-6 weeks.

Those statistics are telling and serve as validation why coaches need DWMA. I’m a strength coach living in the trenches daily, so I understand TIME is a coaches most precious resource and how it is the biggest obstacle you face when preparing a movement screen session with an athlete, group or entire team.

Unlike traditional movement screens, DWMA can be performed with an entire team, at once, before the start of every training session, practice, or competition.

In this manner, the DWMA allows coaches to enact a movement screen with a high rate of frequency to monitor progress and make appropriate training adjustments without sacrificing your athlete’s time training.

If movement screening is something you’ve wanted to do, but never thought possible because of time constraints, the DWMA is a new strategy, where you waste minimal time and get the maximum transfer to an athlete’s performance without sacrificing training time.

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