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Michael Bewley July 9, 2019

Coaches often connect with me on LinkedIn and Facebook and ask what’s the next steps once I’ve completed DWMA Course: Level One

First and foremost, I say enroll in the DWMA Course: Level Two.

Secondly, you have been enrolled in the PLAE Academy DWMA Group that allows the sharing of professional content amongst members while creating personal connection opportunities through virtual small group breakout sessions, online discussion boards, and virtual leadership meetings.

DWMA Group Guidelines

Please read and acknowledge that you agree to the guidelines of the Private DWMA Group:

  1. I am ready to help support and provide constructive feedback to other Members;
  2. I know that this PLAE Academy Group is not a place for me to promote my personal business, products or services;
  3. I am ready to share so others can give me feedback.

I also understand that…

The DWMA Group is a place for fellow members to:

  • Share valuable information
  • Ask questions
  • Collaborate with other members
  • Provide others with constructive feedback
  • Push others to grow

This is a community where you should feel comfortable sharing the struggles and challenges you face, as there are likely others who have already experienced the same thing in the past, who are currently experiencing it, or who will at some point experience it.

Likewise, you should feel comfortable sharing success story’s so that others in the community can learn more about what’s working for you.

Examples of things you should post in the Facebook group:

  • Requests for feedback
  • Information-sharing
  • Providing advice
  • Recommendations for tools, apps, or services helpful to your program

Examples of things you should NOT post in the DWMA Group:

  • Non-constructive feedback in response to someone else’s post.
  • Anything offensive. Let’s keep this rated PG folks!
  • Pretty much anything mean-spirited.

The DWMA Group is Private meaning content posted in the group should remain within the group and should not be shared outside of the group (unless it’s your own). Please note that due to DWMA Group settings, the group will be searchable on PLAE Academy meaning people can see the group and its members within, but the content within the group remains private and posts cannot be accessed by anyone who is not a member of the group.

Tell Us About Yourself

Please introduce yourself on THIS THREAD. If you introduce yourself on another thread, it’s just much more likely to get lost in the mix. All of our current members would love to meet everyone in one easy spot.

As a little prep, I’m asking for the following things on the introduction thread:

  1. Your full name.
  2. Your school/private facility/organization/sport/role.
  3. A short paragraph about your current situation/team
  4. What you hope to get out of participating in the DWMA program.

Okay, it is simple as that. Time to make our athletes and profession better!

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