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Mange Your Nutrition Plan Annually Copy

Michael Bewley September 20, 2020


Once you mastered your performance nutrition plan, you will need to manage your new body composition for year-round, peak performance and recovery.

Monitor Body Composition

A big part of increasing your performance while boosting recovery is maintaining your lean body mass. Consistently tracking your progress and keeping notes on your body fat percentage is the best measure. Keep track of your body fat percentage once every 4-6 weeks, utilizing skinfold calipers or the Calculator’s circumference measure. Adopting this schedule will let you know if changes in body weight are increases or decreases in lean muscle. When changes in body composition occur, immediately update your Sports Nutrition Calculator, so you maintain energy balance (calories) and avoid catabolism (calorie deficit).

Before & After Photos

A great way to track your progress is before & after pictures. As much as you might hate the thought of getting your picture taken, the differences you will see can motivate you to even higher health and performance goals. Better yet, those ‘before’ photos can be a huge wake-up call! Review the Photo Tips below to help you get started. How often you take after photos is up to you. We recommend once every 4-6 weeks in tandem with body composition testing. Take the pictures in the same spot and under the same circumstances, wearing the same clothes, if possible.

Before & After Photo Tips

  1. Pick an uncluttered spot for your photo shoot. Typically in front of a wall or the front of a door works best. Men take off your shirt and wear shorts; ladies, wear a sports bra and shorts or a bikini. You want to be able to see your waist, belly, and thighs.
  2. Take the photo in portrait mode instead of landscape. You’ll want to see yourself from head to toes, close enough to see some details.
  3. Get assistance from someone to take the photos. If not, use a timer and a tripod. We find 10 seconds is just enough time to get into place. Look straight ahead, and smile if you want, but don’t cheat by sucking in your gut.
  4. You may take all different kinds of poses, but get at least a front, side and back shot.

You Achieved Your Nutrition Goal. Now What?

Once you mastered your performance nutrition goals, you will need to manage your new body composition. Continue with re-testing body composition once every 4-6 weeks. Once more, only then will you know if changes in body weight are increases or decreases in lean muscle.

Changing Sport-Season?
Have An Injury?

Using the Critical Reload Performance Nutrition Calculator, mark any changes in height, body weight, and body fat percentage. If you are changing your sport or season, mark those changes too. In the unlikely event, you get injured, refer back to the Calculator, and adjust your Activity Level, so you maintain energy balance and desired body composition. The Calculator will determine your new revised nutritional needs based on updated measurements, sport-season, and activity level.