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Critical Reload didn’t invent nutritional products. Instead, we built a culture around strength and conditioning with our product innovation, delivery, education, and fundraising. A culture inspired by its’ founder — a 22-year veteran strength and conditioning coach and specialist in sports nutrition.



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Critical Reload FAQ

Our most frequently asked questions about Critical Reload Powder

Critical Reload is different from milk becuase it contains three distinct, proportional types of protein: casein and whey proteins (isolate and hydrolyzed), so the user gets a unique sequence of amino acids. Critical Reload scores 100% in all essential amino acids – not limiting or deficient in the essential amino acids. Why all this focus on amino acids?

First and foremost, your body builds muscle out of amino acids, not whole proteins. Secondly, proteins provide the body critical amino acids that serve as building blocks for the formation of new muscle. But not all dietary proteins are equal. Since whey rapidly increases protein synthesis and casein blocks protein breakdown, a combination of both was ideal in the ingredient development of Critical Reload.

Milk proteins are excellent sources of essential amino acids, but they differ in one crucial aspect — whey is a fast-digesting protein, and casein is a slow-digesting protein. Fast-digesting whey means it is emptied from the stomach quickly, resulting in a rapid and significant increase in plasma amino acids. The results are a quick but transient increase in protein synthesis, while protein breakdown is not affected. Whey also has higher levels of leucine, a potent amino acid that stimulates protein synthesis. Whey protein is superior at augmenting protein synthesis rapidly, but this positive effect is short-lived. 

Milk casein protein is relatively insoluble and tends to form structures called micelles that increase solubility in water. During the processing of milk, which usually involves heat or acid, the casein peptides and micelle structure become disturbed or denatured to form simpler structures. As a result, a gelatinous material gets developed. The basis for whey casein is a slower rate of digestion, which results in a slow but steady release of amino acids into circulation.

Yes, Critical Reload is completely GLUTEN-FREE!!! What is more, Critical Reload President and founder’s wife has Celiac’s Disease and consumes Critical Reload regularly.

No. Critical Reload does contain a low-level of lactose (2-grams per 8-ounce (oz) serving compared to 12-grams per 8-oz searing of low-fat milk). Lactose tolerance varies widely. The majority of athletes I’ve worked with whom are lactose intolerant can take Critical Reload without any gastrointestinal disturbance. There is a minority though that cannot take Critical Reload because of their heightened lactose sensitivity. We recommend you consult your physician before using Critical Reload.

A case of Critical Reload contains six (6), 3.4-pound bags.

Each 3.4-pound bag of Critical Reload contains 24 servings.

Critical Reload is considered a conventional food as defined by the FDA. A dietary supplement contains one or more dietary ingredients that may include: vitamins, minerals, herbs or other botanicals, and amino acids, other substances found in the human diet, such as enzymes. Critical Reload contains none of the dietary ingredients. 

Secondly, Critical Reload is produced in a food manufacturing facility that is GMP certified, and FDA regulated. The acronym GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices, and to be GMP certified means that the manufacturer demonstrates a robust regulatory commitment and compliance to international GMP standards. 

Lastly, conventional foods must have a Nutrition Facts panel while dietary supplements must have a Supplement Facts panel. Label verification delineates Critical Reload’s nutrition panel as Nutrition Facts and NOT Supplement Facts.


Our most frequently asked questions about Critical Reload TV

You get a total of 48-weeks — 18-weeks for the Fall and Spring semesters plus 12-weeks in the summer.

The Science of Hydration // What’s in Your Sweat? // Nutritional Support For Injury Recovery and Return-To-Play // Balancing Exercise-Induced Inflammation // Fueling On-The-Go // Dietary Supplements: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly // Avoid Wasted Workouts // Macronutrient and Micronutrient Foundations // Periodization and Timing of Macronutrients // Athletes Guide To Effective Fat Loss and Muscle Gain // Enhancing Performance with Carbohydrate Loading // Special Concerns of Athletic Females // Developing Habits Into A Performance Lifestyle // Fueling With A Purpose // Fueling To Win // Probiotics and The Gut // Fad Diet Confusion // Fuelling For Your Sport and Season // Good Sleep Hygiene For Successs.

Yes, we use your school’s network to stream Critical Reload TV.

Yes. Our platform gets used by some of the world’s biggest brands, and as such, we hold security and compliance in the highest regard. We pride ourselves on maintaining and implementing the correct and latest security processes across all aspects of our platform.

The platform infrastructure gets hosted via Amazon’s AWS in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). This security physically prevents any connections from accessing core servers from the external internet, only allowing access via the load balancer. This configuration essentially mitigates the risk of a third party exfiltrating data from our databases or asset library storage.

Yes. The device is also fully backed by Amazon who provide regular security updates to the devices. CLICK HERE for details.

The FireTV device is based on Android, but heavily modified by Amazon to prevent unauthorized software from running on the device. To install any software that is not from the Amazon App Store, you would have to use the remote to enable functionality called “Android Debug Bridge”, confirm the connection to my computer visually on the FireTV Stick and then run the software. Even then, an attacker still doesn’t have access to the “superuser” (basically “Admin”) to be able to make changes to the core FireTV software files.

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