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Leadership vs Management

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  1. Introduction

    Opening Remarks
  2. Leadership > Management
    "When two personalities meet that’s like combining two chemical substances.”- Carl Jung
  3. The #1 Question That Is Asked Of Every Leader: ______________ should I _____________ __________?
  4. Why It’s Important To Discover YOUR Unique Qualities As A Leader
  5. Improvement Is Important But Leaders Focus On This…
  6. One Of The First Questions That A Leader Should Ask An Athlete
  7. Key Differences Between Being A Manager Vs A Leader
  8. The Core Differences Between Connection Vs Communication
  9. What Managers Focus On vs What Leaders Focus On
  10. The Power of Identity
  11. The Offensive Approach to Leadership
  12. “It’s Not Just About How Your Athletes Experience You. More Importantly It’s About How Your Athletes Experience __________________ When They Are __________ __________.”
  13. Two Traps of a Manager Mindset
  14. Two Questions That Every Teenage Athlete is Asking
  15. Why Courage Trumps Confidence
  16. ASSIGNMENT: What Are 3 Words That Your Staff And Your Athletes Would Use to Describe You/How They Experience You?
  17. REFLECTION: The 3 Words That Your Staff And Your Athletes Would Use to Describe You/How They Experience You
  18. ASSIGNMENT: Name The Coach You Had Growing up That Had The Greatest Impact on You? List 3 Words That You Would Use to Describe Why You Chose That Coach Over Any Other That You Had.
  19. REFLECTION: The 3 Words That You Would Use to Describe Why You Chose That Coach
  20. Leaders Connect… Winning Leaders Connect But Are Even Better at _______________.
  21. The 3 Components of the Connection Spectrum
  22. Managers Use the Driving Questions That Answer _________, ____________, and ___________.
  23. Leaders Use the Driving Questions That Answer ____________, ____________, and ____________.
  24. Leaders Give _____________.
  25. “You Can Love Training, Love Writing Workouts, Love Getting Athletes Faster, But At The End Of The Day As A Leader You Have to Love ____________ _____________!”
  26. “If Your ___________________ Doesn’t Make A _____________, Your ______________ Will Not Make An __________________.”
  27. Conclusion
    Closing Remarks
  28. Presenter's Bio & Contact Information
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The 3 Words That Your Staff And Your Athletes Would Use to Describe You/How They Experience You Reflection

Unknown Member January 11, 2021

Okay, so we’re back now, and now you have that list. And I want you to look down and say, “Okay, do the words that you wrote down and chose, do those describe more of a manager or do they describe more of a leader?”

And define that. How would know manager and leader again, just to refer back to what we talked about before. When we’re looking at words, how can I look at the words that I wrote down from a management and a leadership lens, just so they can do it. I know we’ve talked about it, but maybe just a real quick referral back of how they can define that. Maybe it’s… Do the questions… 

Let me just give you a couple real quick. So you might have answers like this. You might say “You better not be late.” That’s a manager. “The coach really… He wants us to compete and win.” Arguably manager, a little bit of leader in there to be able to do that. “Coach cares about me.” Leader. “The coach really wants us to have fun and give our best.” Leader. “The coach lets me make mistakes.” Leader. So I think you’ve got some elements there to say again, like we talked at the beginning, if it’s focused more about a program, a process, a plan, a system, anything around there, that’s more management type language. Anything more around a person or people, that’s more leadership type language.

Love it. And it would be a great thing to add into an end of the year. As teachers, we have an end of the year curriculum, or even at the end of a program. Heck, even if I’m a private facility guy. At the end of a 12 week program or if I’m a teacher at the end of the year, we have this. If I get that feedback, I can judge that down. And there should be some management stuff in there. It shouldn’t all be leadership because then you’re probably not running what you should be running. But you can see which way you lean to help better define your personal growth going forward. “Boy, I need to learn to be a better leader so I need to dive into some Winning Leaders Academy.” Or “Boy, I need to be a better manager. So I need to get some organization and structure in my life.” It really makes a personal plan better. So I love that path.

Yeah. I think that’s what I appreciate about this mentorship, because you’re going to get both elements. By the end of this thing, you guys are going to have the management piece down and you’re going be able to go deep. And the leadership piece, you’re going to be able to go deep as well, both.

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