Critical Reload Strawberry & Banana Shake

Fresh strawberry and banana smoothie
This Strawberry Protein Smoothie is creamy and rich with a natural sweetness from the fruit and loaded with protein to give you energy & fuel muscle!


  • 1 cup of 2% Fairlife milk (or substitute unsweetend, vanilla almond milk).
  • 1/2 cup fresh or frozen strawberries.
  • 1/2 banana or frozen.
  • 3 scoops of Vanilla, Critical Reload Performance & Recovery powder.
  • 1/2 cup of ice (optional if using frozen fruit).

DIRECTIONS: In the order listed, add ingredients to your favorite blender, close the lid, and blend until it’s smooth.

BEST PART ABOUT THIS SHAKE: If it’s a post-workout smoothie, the liquid will help restore your body with the nutrients it needs for muscle growth, synthesis and repair.

Shake Boosters

To boost the shakes levels of vitamin, mineral, omega-3 fatty acids, and fiber add a fist-full of spinach, a tablespoon (tbls.) of chia seeds, and a tbls. of ground flaxseed. Trust me, you won’t taste the difference and it’s super healthy!!!

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