Holiday Eating Guide: Staying Healthy Through The Holiday Season

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Here are Stephanie’s top 3 habits to enjoy and stay healthy during the holiday season.

Stay Active

Whether you are in an intense training phase or taking a week or two to recovery or de-load, maintaining regular physical activity should be made a priority. The benefits of physical activity are not limited to physical health but can decrease stress, keep your regular, and improve your quality of sleep. Whether you hit the gym or take a walk in the neighborhood with family, get moving and stay moving!

Don't Skip Meals to "Save Up"

In the past, my family is 100% guilty of skipping multiple meals to “save up” and was often paired with threats of spoiled appetites.

This often leads to irritable moods and overeating. Stick to your typical meals and meal schedule, even if in smaller portions. This can decrease feelings of irritability, feelings of being too hungry, and avoid overeating.

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Portion Control

More than likely, there will be leftovers. Don’t restrict yourself from the foods you love. Instead, hit those favorites and don’t stress about trying every side or eating as much as you physically can of your favorite pie all at one time.

Use plating techniques and smaller portions to keep you on track to savor and enjoy the holidays and your health.  

Make a second plate or pack up leftovers to enjoy throughout the week – especially if there is a side or dish that you don’t often get other than during the holiday season.

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