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The Critical Reload Nutrition App for Teams is a blended learning system that shifts the focus from the teacher and delivery of content to the student, and extends a holistic environment for active learning and knowledge sharing, so students are better capable of adopting healthy life-skills through the power of nutrition.

Blended learning has become one of the most popular teaching methodologies over the past decade. Although the concept of blended learning has been around since the 1960s, the availability of computers in schools and the expanse of the internet, combined with technological advancements in mobile technology, have brought a renewed perspective towards creating blended courses. Such improvements enable students to progress from passive learning, which includes taking course elements solely via information and creating meaningful “active learning” exercises from the presented course content that enable students to apply new knowledge and skills.

Authors Bonk and Graham of the book, “Handbook of Blended Learning,” define blended learning as learning systems that “combine face-to-face instruction with computer-mediated learning.” So, blended learning has two aspects to it: 1) the conventional classroom, where you have face-to-face interaction with students, 2) and a website for online teaching and learning. Since most educators looking to venture into blended learning already have classrooms, Critical Reload has developed a nutrition app for teams that combines online and offline learning activities in the co-presence of a teacher and students. Together, Critical Reload Nutrition App for Teams extends a holistic environment for active learning and knowledge sharing, so students are better capable of adopting healthy life-skills through the power of nutrition.

With “Blended Learning” or “hybrid learning,” an educator combines traditional teaching methods and e-teaching. Essentially, instructors can divide course content into face-to-face classes and online lessons. In this manner, you can take advantage of e-teaching to share course material and track student progress while allowing students to learn at their own pace. With blended learning, class timings are more flexible while maintaining a personalized teaching approach.

The obstacle to integrating active learning techniques into the classroom is contained within Confucius’s aphorism: 

I hear, and I forget.
I see, and I remember.
I do, and I understand. 

Unfortunately, in most physical and virtual classrooms, teachers are limited to the very senses Confucius claims to be ineffective pathways for understanding. When used in isolation, hearing, or seeing (or reading) does not make for the kind of learning we aspire to create in the classroom. We have all been students listening to lectures and filled with trepidation that we would be responsible for information that, even as we heard it, was slipping through our grasp. We have watched slides or videos and wondered how we could integrate the images into our knowledge banks to be accessible for use in some future exams. The Critical Reload Nutrition App for Teams enhances learning, specifically nutrition guidance, by shifting the focus from the teacher and delivery of content to the student, and active engagement with the context (circumstances) of the material. Through active learning techniques and blended modeling by the teacher, students shed the traditional role as passive receptors and learn and practice how to apprehend nutrition knowledge and skills in meaningful and purposeful design.

Many educators and coaches alike assume that their role is to teach. Instead, think: my purpose is to help students learn. When students learn actively, they retain more content for a longer time and can connect that material in a broader range of contexts.

Critical Reload Nutrition App for Teams’ active learning principles develop activities for your students that best reflect both your teaching style, plus the material, types of thinking, and approaches to the subject necessary to embrace and apply performance nutrition. Doing so will make you an “active teacher,” and you will cross beyond the essential role of a content expert. Content expertise and active teaching will provide students the setting to become engaged learners and dynamic thinkers about their health and wellness.

Critical Reload Nutrition App For Teams Benefits

  • Access Critical Reload App For Teams from any computer, desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.
  • It provides an asynchronous learning environment in which students self-study and access content at their pace and convenience.
  • Have a one-on-one video call with the student to handle questions and provide student feedback, if necessary. 
  • Accept assignment submissions as documents, images, video, or audio file uploads, allowing you (the educator) to evaluate student progress and their coping ability.
  • Create student groups to facilitate learning and create a group assignment that allows students to apply new knowledge.
  • Build student forums so they can collaborate on common issues and learn with other students.


Critical Reload App For Teams Features

  • Course licenses can be purchased in bulk to enroll a group of students at once.
  • Multiple students can get registered to a course purchased in bulk using a CSV file.
  • A group is automatically created for registered students when a Critical Reload Nutrition App for Teams gets purchased in bulk.
  • Student reporting gives Group Leaders much-needed data to help them identify weaker students. Group Leaders can focus on students who are lagging and aren’t completing the course as per the expected progress rate.
  • A student that gets removed from a group can be re-invited using a Password Reset option.

Blended learning bridges the gap between online learning and conventional classes. It depends on the percentage of operations you choose move online, or decide to keep offline, to gain advantages from both methods of teaching. 

Please let us know your interests on the concept of blended learning, and on using the Critical Reload Nutrition App For Teams. Furthermore, feel free to leave your thoughts and comments, in the comment section below. 

😊 Happy Teaching!

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