Critical Reload Partners with EatThisMuch App


Partnership Overview

Critical Reload is working with EatThisMuch to help high schools with nutrition. By adding EatThisMuch to Critical Reload, we offer even better nutrition tools.

Features of EatThisMuch App

EatThisMuch is a meal-planning app. It suggests meals based on your likes, budget, and time. The app assists with healthy eating by displaying calories and meal options. There’s a free version and a premium one with more features. It’s one of the top meal apps in 2023.

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Integration Details

Critical Reload platforms will integrate EatThisMuch into its 5-Week Meal Planning Series. This partnership lets athletes, coaches, and parents access tailored meal plans easily. With EatThisMuch’s features, users can put their nutrition knowledge to practical use.

Founder’s Statement

Mike Bewley, Critical Reload founder, says this about the partnership:

“Joining forces with EatThisMuch helps us better teach and apply nutrition knowledge. High school athletes and coaches will greatly enjoy this expert meal-planning integration. We’re eager to give people the tools to make smart food choices. Together, we’re boosting support nutrition knowledge for high school athletes.”

National Nutrition Education Effort

Critical Reload and EatThisMuch app partnership promotes healthy eating among athletes and parents. Together, they’ll strengthen nutrition education nationally for the broader high school community.

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For media inquiries or further information, please contact:

Mike Bewley, Founder of Critical Reload

About Critical Reload

Critical Reload was founded by a sports nutrition expert and former collegiate strength coach, Mike Bewley. Critical Reload offers top-notch nutrition guidance for high school athletes, coaches, and parents. They aim to help everyone make smart food choices. Their Critical Reload Platforms provide specialized nutrition content for high schools.

About Eat This Much

EatThisMuch is an app that gives meal ideas based on your choices and money. It shows calories and food tips to help users eat right. You can use it for free or pay for more. In 2023, it was named a top food app.

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